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Did you know your company will thrive or die based on the stories you tell?

If you want to succeed, learn how to address your customer's pain points and create a masterful, brand story that engages, and sells - even while you sleep.


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Why Take Lights, Camera, Sales: The Masterclass? 
From The Desk Of: Maury Rogow,
Mentor: Producers Guild of America
Subject: 14 Days To Become A Master at Telling Stories That Sell

Dear Friend,
Since the launch of my company, our customers have generated over hundreds of millions of dollars in their campaigns.

Two recent customers raised over $10,000,000 in venture funding, and a dozen others have been purchased, making most employees and all owners multi-millionaires.

It was not always this way!  We didn't always have Cisco, Harvard, Comcast and the others as clients. I know the feeling of not being able to stand out, being stuck and unable to show our value in a unique and memorable way.   


In the first year, I had one client. One.

Worse, they treated me like a servant.


Fast forward to today:

  • I have hundreds of clients, partners and friends
  • I have a team that follows this process - and we have:
    • Helped charities raise millions in funding with video.
    • Helped products launch internationally with video.
    • Help people achieve personal and professional goals with video,
    • Helped businesses INCREASE SALES, DRAMATICALLY.

Why Did Our Sales Increase? We Used The Power of Story

  • Stories are needed to win attention
  • Attention can be grabbed 24/7/365 EVEN WHILE YOU SLEEP
  • Great stories that become Videos are a game-changer.

This is why I created the Lights, Camera, Sales: Masterclass...

to help you learn the power of STORY and have you create stories that sell.


In the course, you will learn what has made us, and our client projects so special.

  • Our full creative process is included
  • Strategy
  • Ideation
  • Targeting your audience
  • Writing the best scripts for the best time
  • Full script templates
  • Where in the sales funnel to use video most effectively
  • Even down the camera movements! 

Everything that took years of lessons over 1,200 projects, 4 years of college with both film and marketing degrees, masters degrees, and even our secret workbooks are here in this class.


No one outside the large enterprises we worked with could afford the full process. 

Until now. 


Have a look at just one module, and see if you like it - 


See you there!


- Maury Rogow

Producers Guild of America

CEO: Rip Media Group and The Video Bot

Author: Rise of the Entrepreneur

Please Check All Of The Questions Where Your Answer Is 'YES'! 
 Do you want to grow your business online, but you have NO IDEA where to start?
 Do you have a company that's been successful, but for some reason you're feeling stuck?
 Are you trying to figure out a way to reach more people, or have a bigger impact on the world?
 Are you convinced that you need to tell a clear and solid brand story, but you aren't quite sure what steps to take?
 Are you about to launch your next product/service/brand/company, and want to make sure it's a true success!?!
If you checked ANY of the boxes, then I want to invite you to join "Lights, Camera, Sales: The Masterclass" and change your business forever! 

Video can be your best brand ambassador in B2B, B2C, or B2G, within hours of its release.


Video can also lead to your demise if you do it wrong.

Testimonials From Our Students
The training was amazing! I learned more than I expected and immediately changed our old sales deck and testimonials into stories that engage!
This works.
Everything was above-board, there was no fudging of dates or "gotcha" moments I've experienced. Overall outstanding.
Internally and externally, sales is in love.
Sr. Director Global Marketing, AdColony
CEO, S.O. Software
This is exactly what we need to SCALE our business. 
Our story is now a perfect video that grabs attention, and answers all the questions that used to take hours and hours each week.
Absolutley superb, thank you very much. 
We are able to tell our story and create more demand by working with you! 
Dir of Sales, Phone2Action
COO, Services Co. NYC
Lights, Camera, Sales: The Masterclass

You know need to be clear and add value OR:

  • Prospects will leave
  • Customers will want continuous discounts
  • Your job or your business might be done

There are only 3 ways to grow a business:

  • More Customers
  • More Revenue Per Customer
  • More Repeate Business
In 2020, there is only one way to do ANY of them:
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